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Washington DC —Today, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-Va.), vice chair of the Senate Republican Conference and ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, spoke on the Senate floor about energy and environmental policy failures. did. of the Biden administration. In his remarks, Sen. Capito highlighted the damage caused by President Biden’s attacks on energy producers and the irony of the administration’s unrealistic proposals, and discussed a path toward a future of reliable American-made energy. did.

Senator Capito’s remarks are included below as prepared for distribution.

“Mr. President–

“I rise today in light of the news that America’s ‘climate czar,’ John Kerry, will soon step down from his position.

“Mr. Kelly’s departure gives us an opportunity to comprehensively examine the Biden administration’s record on energy and the environment.

“For the past three years, with energy regulation after energy regulation and climate change order after climate change order, President Biden has clearly and unapologetically put the American people at the bottom of the list.

“From the State Department to the Environmental Protection Agency, from the White House to the Department of Transportation, his cabinet members and non-elected staff have followed his lead.

“They have promoted an unworkable and unsustainable agenda aimed at appeasing the global climate change community and environmental activists alike.

“The problem is that these goals and proposals are completely divorced from reality.

“Let’s start with Mr. Kerry’s recent comments that “no more coal-fired power plants should be allowed anywhere in the world.” He then signed an international pledge to do just that.

“This is a serious statement for someone in his position, but especially during the winter months and on record days like today and last week, what are the plans to replace this critical baseload energy source for our country? Also not mentioned. Temperatures below freezing.

“While he makes these comments, he does not acknowledge that states like West Virginia, where I live, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Colorado rely heavily on coal-fired power plants for electricity. do not have.

“It would be unwise for Mr. Kelly to acknowledge this reality, because destroying the entire power grid of dozens of states across the country and the thousands of jobs that comes with it is not a good idea for his administration.

“But fear not, the EPA stands with Mr. Kelly when it comes to threatening America’s energy grid with policies that are not based on reality.

“Even though the Supreme Court threw out the Obama administration’s previous attempt to shut down coal- and gas-fired power plants in West Virginia v. EPA, the Biden administration will further strengthen this reckless policy.” did.

“Clean Power Plan 2.0 is also designed to prematurely retire these power plants and requires the use of technology that is not ready for prime time.

“Unfortunately for the American people, by the time the courts catch up as they have in the past, damage has been done, jobs have been lost, power grids have been weakened, and the lives of entire communities have been disrupted.

“We have been through this situation in West Virginia and we don’t want it to happen in other parts of the country.

“But the Biden administration is not stopping there. In a surprising irony, the EPA is simultaneously pushing for a rapid transition to electric vehicles.

As many Americans experienced a deep freeze across the country this week, many EV owners found themselves unable to keep their cars charged. A rapid and unreasonable transition to these vehicles, with serious reliability concerns, could also increase electricity demand as authorities grapple with shutting down reliable baseload power sources.

Again, ignoring reality, the Biden administration continues.

“Just recently, the EPA took advantage of the Democrats’ disastrous policy and announced that it would tax energy companies through a methane fee. curbing inflation Act to target and punish American energy producers.

“And now a series of complex lawsuits are pending in court regarding the EPA’s so-called ‘Good Neighbor’ aviation regulations. The policy would take away the power of 23 states to regulate ozone and determine how best to reduce ozone emissions within their borders. Clean Air Acta worrying consolidation of power for Washington bureaucrats.

“EPA’s approach ignores EPA’s cooperative federalism framework. Clean Air Act The first step is to strip countries of their right to regulate. Already, 12 states have successfully persuaded courts that the program has serious legal problems, ensuring the rule remains in place.

“And this was all in accordance with the EPA’s disastrous Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS), which illegally expanded the federal government’s jurisdiction at the expense of American farmers, builders, and landowners. Unsurprisingly, this proposal was rejected outright by the Supreme Court, including a 9-0 consensus that the proposal went too far.

“But the people at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue don’t seem to care, even though the nation’s highest court has sent clear warning signals that President Biden’s energy and environmental overreach is illegal. .

“We have seen serious themes of federal overreach coming not just from departments and agencies, but directly from the White House.

“As the administration touts investments in our nation’s infrastructure, which I supported and supported, the White House Council on Environmental Quality actually proposed making projects more difficult to construct and complete. They have defended burdensome permitting rules and bureaucratic regulations, none of which have been agreed upon by Congress.

“Then, the White House Office of Management and Budget announced a government-wide order for agencies to review the flawed ‘Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases’ metric.

“I asked for transparency about how these numbers are created and used, and I didn’t get a substantive answer to that. What we received was that these numbers It is only a broad public notice that will be used by departments and government agencies as they see fit when purchasing goods and services and considering proposed energy and infrastructure projects.

“Again, for those of us looking at this from a pragmatic perspective, the irony is striking. The same White House that boasts of infrastructure investment and growth is simultaneously It has tied itself up with orders and memos on climate change that will affect workers, families, and employers, all the details of which are hidden from the American people.

“After three years, there is a clear message that Mr. Kerry and President Biden must understand: Regulations designed to signal climate action that do not follow the law and are not grounded in reality are not the answer. ”

“There’s a better way, and it’s a way for us to come together and actually make our country and our world healthier and stronger.

“As I have said many times before, our energy policy and environmental policy do not have to be in conflict. Therefore, natural gas production, which is the main reason America has reduced emissions over the past 20 years, Instead of targeting it, we need to continue to support it.

“Doing so will increase America’s energy, improve our environment, and at the same time help our allies overseas.

“We will also support the future expansion of nuclear energy, which is already a carbon-free cornerstone of the U.S. energy grid, by promoting development and enacting policies that help grow it here in our country. You can also do it.

“And we can move forward with permitting carbon capture, use, and storage in states that want to leverage innovative technology, create jobs, and protect the environment at the same time.

“There is room for that if we stop the hyperbole and caution that we often encounter when discussing this issue.

“When I and many Americans hear the ‘climate change czar’s’ ‘shut everything down’ comments that are reflected in actual federal regulations, it doesn’t help us at all, and that’s why we History has shown that it only hurts.

“So, as Mr. Kelly leaves the State Department, let’s take a look back at the path the Biden administration got us down. We need to reverse course and leave behind unachievable proposals and job-killing overreach.” And it’s clear that we must work together to ensure practical solutions can thrive here in America.

“With that, I yield the floor.”

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