Campaign/Article aimed at reducing the amount of cigarette butts in the environment



The giant cigarette butt, an environmental object, and information materials about the harmful effects of this waste on the environment can be seen in the Vermanes Garden until May 21st. Cigarette butts end up in the environment, emitting toxic substances such as lead, arsenic, and benzene.

Residents speaking in Riga acknowledged that they often see large amounts of this garbage in nature, especially on beaches.

Smokers said that trash cans were often placed in central locations and that they sometimes had to search for a trash can for a long time, especially in remote areas.

The campaign “Cigarette butts – a ticking time bomb” is carried out by “Latvia Zarais Punkutu/Latvia Greenpoint”, whose director Kaspar Zakuris said that although there are enough trash cans around, people believes we need to be more aware of the harm caused by cigarette butts. dropped it on the ground.

“Butts are inherently a plastic product, as their content is 98 percent cellulose acetate and is not inherently biodegradable. We are sending containers of cigarette butts to all municipalities, and through this exhibition we will appeal to residents to be careful about the bad habit of throwing cigarette butts on the ground,” Zakris told Latvian Radio. .

Since January 1, Latvia has been operating an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for filter tobacco products, which is also managed by “Green Points”, and the additional containers mentioned are subject to local authorities within the framework of the scheme. distributed to.

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