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Built Environment: Architectural Theory Beyond a Changing Climate
Symposium at the Vienna University of Applied Arts
May 3, 2024, 10 a.m.

Vienna University of Applied Arts

Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7

1030 Vienna



The “Architectural Environment” symposium will address the current state of architectural theory in the context of numerous ecological crises. If theory establishes relationships between what is and what can be imagined, and allows us to look to the future and the past, then what is constant and what is It is the job of architectural theory to consider whether things change. “The Built Environment” asks participants to consider how environmental issues influence, influence, and change theoretical research into architecture, landscape, and design.

The symposium featured participants Maria Orbock, Ingrid Halland, Elisa Iturbe, Ana Maria Leon, Katherine Mosbach, Tatiana Schneider, and Michael Wang.

The dialogue will draw connections between architectural theory and environmental issues, focusing on ways to think about architecture in relation to climate, energy, mining, land and production. The theoretical environmental lens provides a way to encompass all elements of architectural activity, allowing connections at a wide range of scales, from building details to relationships across landscapes and cities. It also encourages us to consider the representation of the environment in architecture, to take into account the limits and entanglements of the discipline, to draw new analogies, to generate knowledge, and to advance the discipline.

The symposium was convened by Turai Atak from the Department of Architectural Theory at the Architectural Institute, with discussions moderated by Brigitte Förderer, Sam Jacob, Babel Müller, and Lina Stelwitz.

In conjunction with the symposium, the exhibition “Energy at the Threshold of the Visible World” brings together historical visualizations of energy and contemporary works on images and representations of energy. It will be held at the Interdisciplinary Institute, AIL. Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna.

participant: Maria Orbock (Orbock + Kalash Landscape Architects, Vienna), briggit ferderer (Vienna University of Applied Arts), Ingrid Harland (AHO, Oslo), Sam Jacob (Vienna University of Applied Arts), Elisa Iturbe (Cooper Union, New York), ana maria leon (GSD, Harvard University, Cambridge), katherine mosbach (Mosbach Paysagistes, Paris), Barbel Muller (Vienna University of Applied Arts), Tatiana Schneider (GTAS, Technical University of Braunschweig), Lina Stelwitz (StudioVlaySteeruwitz, Vienna), and Michael Wang (new york).

Sponsored by: Turai Atak (Vienna University of Applied Arts).

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