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The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-6), the world’s most representative body for environmental decision-making, is holding its sixth session from Monday (26th) to March 1st in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

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At the previous 5th UNEA meeting in 2022, the government of then-President Jair Bolsonaro (Liberal Party) rejected a resolution that included reducing CO2 emissions from deforestation caused by agriculture in the Amazon rainforest.

At UNEA-4, the European Union proposed that all countries commit to zero deforestation. Brazil refused to engage in this and proposed the phrase “zero illegal deforestation.” No consensus was reached and the proposal was shelved.

“Brazil does not subscribe to the alarmist tone that is sometimes used to criticize agricultural production in developing countries,” said Ricardo Salles, then environment minister and now a federal lawmaker.

Brazil, now under Lula’s government, is once again playing a leading role in the international environmental debate, demanding that rich countries meet their climate finance commitments by reversing rising trends in deforestation in the Amazon. .

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With extreme weather events on the rise around the world, this year’s meeting of representatives from the 193 United Nations member states will bring together world leaders and scientists, as well as representatives from civil society and business.

Brazil serves as vice president of the United Nations Environment Assembly

This year’s environmental gathering is more important than ever, according to Radhika Ocharik, UN Environment’s Director of Governance.

“The triple planetary crisis is creating poverty and inequality, undermining the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and threatening the survival of humanity. UNEA has a unique mandate to address these challenges,” said the event spokesperson. the person in charge said.

UNEA acts as a kind of global environmental parliament. Currently, Morocco is president, and Brazil and Portugal are vice presidents. This conference is held every two years and plays an important role in shaping global environmental policy.

This year’s discussions will focus on “effective, comprehensive and sustainable multilateral action to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution”. The United Nations is betting on agreements between nations to strengthen protection of biomes.

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