“Bla Bla Get” for the environment in 2024



Despite October’s record temperatures and all the hype about climate change, the silence in this week’s Budget on the subject was deafening and mind-boggling.

Not only in Malta but around the world, nothing has been effectively done or even proposed to immediately address this overwhelming and life-threatening problem. It’s like a nightmare that just passes!

era of marta reported that “few efforts were announced to reduce car use and contribute to the environment” (see excerpt below). This is the same as many of the old “bla bla bla.”

The development of urban green spaces through Project Green and half-baked plans for photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters can never be commensurate with the damage done to the environment by the continued and unchecked urbanization of agricultural land.

Efforts such as building reservoirs and rehabilitating wells will be meaningless unless enforcement is introduced and large fines are imposed on buildings whose stormwater drains are connected to the main sewer system.

Not just in the construction industry, but really everywhere you look, impunity is so rampant and dangerous trade is the norm that it no longer shocks anyone. Unless you have made a conscientious pilgrimage through the Maltese countryside and are aware of the details of nature’s slow demise.

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