Biden-Harris administration announces $1.5 million to support environmental justice projects in communities across North Carolina as part of Investing in America



Selections announced as part of EPA’s Environmental Justice Collaborative Solutions Collaborative Agreement and Largest Investment Through Environmental Justice Intergovernmental Grant Program Funded by the Inflation Control Act

Raleigh, North Carolina (October 25, 2023) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced $1.5 million in funding for two projects across North Carolina that advance environmental justice as part of President Biden’s investment in America policy. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and CleanAIRE North Carolina, selected by EPA through the Environmental Justice Collaborative Solutions Collaborative Agreement and the Environmental Justice Intergovernmental Program, will use this funding to secure disadvantaged communities that have historically suffered from underinvestment. Use. Gain access to clean air, water, and climate resilience solutions in line with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice 40 Initiative.

Thanks to President Biden’s Inflation Control ActThe largest climate change investment in U.S. history—this This funding is part of the largest investment ever announced under these two long-running EPA programs. This is the first in a series of environmental justice grant announcements the agency will make by the end of the year.

“No president has invested more in environmental justice than President Biden. Under his leadership, we are working meaningfully with communities to remove long-standing barriers and build a healthier future for everyone.” said. EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “Together, these community-led projects will improve the health, equity, and resilience of our communities and set a blueprint for local solutions that can be applied across the country.”

“Building collaborative partnerships with stakeholders is essential to addressing local environmental and public health issues.” EPA Region 4 Acting Administrator Jeanine Gettle said:. “Environmental justice communities that have historically suffered from underinvestment will greatly benefit from these projects that promote clean air, water, and climate resilience, leading to healthier communities.”

“North Carolina’s Black and brown communities bear the brunt of the harm from poor air quality, water quality, and the impacts of climate change, and they are best placed to address the challenges they face.” It’s these communities that are doing it.” said U.S. Representative Dr. Alma S. Adams. (NC-12). “This funding confirms the ingenuity of our community, organizational, and public sector partners who recognize these profound disparities and are working together to address these issues head on. Atmosphere Funded The monitoring and water treatment project will have meaningful consequences for the health of District 12 and North Carolina.”

The grants announced today will deliver: President Biden’s A commitment to advancing equity and justice across the United States. The two grant programs directly advance the President’s policies. Transforming Justice 40 Initiative To provide 40 percent of the overall benefits of certain federal investments to disadvantaged communities that are marginalized by underinvestment and overburdened by pollution.

Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem Solving (EJCPS) program

EPA’s EJCPS program provides financial assistance to eligible organizations that address environmental and public health issues in their communities. The program is built on President Biden’s Executive Order 13985 and 14008, creating a dedicated fund designation for small nonprofit organizations, defined as having five or fewer full-time employees, thereby providing grants to low-capacity organizations that have historically struggled to receive federal funds. Ensure that the financial resources reach you. Eleven of the organizations selected for EJCPS this year are small nonprofit organizations and received a total of more than $1.6 million.

EPA EJCPS grant selections in North Carolina include:

CleanAIRE North Carolina – $500,000 – North Mecklenburg Air Monitoring Network

  • The project will establish an air monitoring cluster network in four affected communities across North Mecklenburg to address the health effects associated with air pollution..

Environmental Justice Intergovernmental (EJG2G)

EPA’s EJG2G provides funding at the state, local, territorial, and tribal levels to support community-based organizations and communities that have measurable environmental or public health impacts on communities disproportionately burdened by environmental damage. We support collaborative government activities.

EPA EJG2G grant selections in North Carolina include:

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services – 1,000,000 – “Partnership to Address Private Well Contamination in Sampson County, North Carolina.”

  • This project will address contamination of private wells in Sampson County, North Carolina, and will provide water treatment to at least 175 private wells in Sampson County annually, as well as help residents identify what contaminants are in their water. We can help you understand your potential and the importance of clean water to your health.

Additional background:

From day one of his administration, President Biden has made achieving environmental justice a top priority. And in August 2022, Congress passed the Inflation Control Act and President Biden signed it into law, creating the largest investment in the environment and climate justice in U.S. history. The EPA received a $3 billion budget to provide grants and technical assistance to activities that promote environmental and climate justice.

Under the Inflation Control Act, EPA has launched and expanded innovative programs that provide more assistance than ever to communities that disproportionately bear the burden of environmental harm and pollution. This includes 16 Environmental Justice Prosperous Communities Technical Assistance Centers to remove barriers to federal resources and help communities pursue funding opportunities like those made available through President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda. (EJ TCTAC), including $177 million. The EPA has also been launched and will be awarding funding through $550 million. Thriving Communities Grant Program By the end of 2023.

Learn more about EPA’s environmental justice efforts below.

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