Barton Latimer cattery stripped of license after inspection reveals unhealthy and unsafe environment for cats



November 2, 2023

Photo of a small room where a cat was kept

Latimer Cattery was given an on-the-spot suspension notice earlier this year after a surprise inspection by North Northamptonshire Council with the RSPCA.

Following a period of suspension, the license was revoked by North Northamptonshire Council.

The cats were found kept in cramped conditions in Burton Latimer’s North Avenue cattery and adjoining home, in small boxes stacked in a downstairs bathroom, spare bedroom and office.

There was no place for the crated cats to exercise, hide, climb, or jump, and the litter tray in the crate was too close to where the cats were sleeping.

Cats were also found locked in storage areas and hallways at the shelter, and one licensed enclosure was overcrowded, unable to house two cats when it could only hold one. There wasn’t.

They are exposed to poor ventilation, unhealthy and unsafe conditions, the cats are housed in the same accommodation with other cats they don’t know or cats from other households, there are no sneeze screens between the cats, There was nowhere to hide.

The unlicensed area of ​​the cattery and house in North Avenue, Burton Latimer, does not meet the necessary conditions for keeping cats and meets four of the five welfare needs of cats under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. It had not been done. :

  • Requires appropriate environment.
  • Must be able to demonstrate normal behavior patterns.
  • They should be housed with or separated from other animals.
  • We need protection from pain, suffering, injury, and disease.

Ensure that all licensed animal boarding facilities and license holders comply with required licensing and animal welfare standards, and ensure that required standards are met where violations are observed. It is the role of the council to take appropriate measures to ensure this. This provides a level playing field for all licensed animal borders in the area and ensures that all animal borders are subject to the same strict licensing standards to protect the health and welfare of the animals. .Councilor David Brackenbury, Executive Member for Growth and Regeneration (including facility licensing)

Animal welfare issues are of paramount importance to us as the Licensing Authority and we ensure that all licensed premises meet the necessary requirements set out in the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (UK) Regulations 2018. Make sure you meet the criteria. The cats were examined by RSPCA inspectors and found to be in good health despite being kept in unsuitable conditions. I think this was more a matter of luck than design.Jason Smithers, Leader of North Northamptonshire Council

Latimer Cattery was given an on-the-spot suspension notice in July 2023 following a surprise inspection by North Northamptonshire Council staff who accompanied the RSPCA. Following a period of suspension, its license was revoked by North Northamptonshire Council in September this year.

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