Australia and US clash over gas access



As US President Joe Biden puts the brakes on new US gas export projects dubbed a “carbon megabomb”, Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King is set to pledge to send more Australian gas overseas. , hastily jumped to basic environmental approvals.

Minister King has reportedly assured Japan and South Korea that plans for large-scale pollution projects such as Scarborough and Barossa will generate even more gas. However, none of these large-scale polluting projects have been adequately evaluated for their environmental, climate, and indigenous impacts.

Dr Jennifer Rayner, Head of Advocacy at the Climate Council, said:

“Pushing forward with new gas projects before they are fully approved is not good government or good process, both of which the Albanon Government is proud of.” Both Scarborough and Barossa have It still goes through various environmental approval processes, not to mention legal issues to resolve.

“Is Minister King committing to the government to move forward with these two climate change projects? Her comments sound like the ‘captain’s call’ of the past, and do not support climate, environmental or indigenous perspectives. We are keenly expressing our concerns about this.

“Rather than pushing ahead with these polluting gas projects, Minister King could highlight Australia’s growing and important mineral sector and world-leading renewable energy potential. Japan and Australia It is among around 200 countries that have pledged to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels as part of international negotiations, including using clean, affordable renewable energy over time to ease burdens. Gas is significantly reduced.

“The Minister of Resources’ full support for these new gas projects is a sign that US President Biden has announced that a series of mega gas projects in the US will be launched to enable a new assessment process to address the climate impacts of increased gas production. The contrast could not be more stark.

“All new fossil fuel projects in Australia should be assessed against stronger domestic environmental laws that put climate at the heart. Carbon bombs like Scarborough and Barossa are being introduced behind the cover of existing weak laws. It shouldn’t be treated as if the deal was done in a hurry to get more gas out.”

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