Annual report highlighting environmental sustainability successes



The City replaced 14,000 residential street lights and 1,300 main road street lights with energy-efficient LED lighting in the last financial year as part of Victoria’s largest upgrade program.

The conversion project will see all of the city’s more than 25,000 street lights equipped with LED lighting fixtures, reducing carbon emissions by more than 8,000 tons per year and will be featured in the city’s 2022-2023 annual report. This is just one of the achievements made.

After signing a 10-year agreement to source renewable energy, the organization’s operational carbon emissions decreased by 29% and emissions from electricity use went to zero. He also added 12 new electric vehicles to the city’s fleet.

A total of 10,214 mattresses were collected and all recyclable material was sent to recyclers. The city provides residential facilities of two mattresses and two hard wastes each financial year.

We supplied 240 tons of high-quality compost to community farms and non-profit organizations and held two community compost giveaway days where residents could collect free samples. The compost was made from the contents of green bins and processed in our proprietary Anakee Organic processing facility.

Another initiative aimed at avoiding and reducing waste is partnering with Cloth and Crown to relaunch the popular Reusable Modern Cloth Diaper Grant Program, offering subsidized reusable It was to provide diaper packs.

The sculptural Del Eco Reef will be installed at Clifton Springs with 46 innovative 3D printed reef modules that will reduce the impacts of erosion and future sea level rise while providing a tourist attraction.

We delivered all of the first phase of the project for the Sparobert-Ngbizi-Yoley Wetlands, including major drainage infrastructure works, pest control and endangered flora and fauna protection. His 500-hectare nature reserve in Charlemont is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and this year the first section of it opened to the public.

Efforts to increase the area’s tree canopy included planting 3,016 street and park trees and 4,000 pipe trees, while our team assessed 475 environmentally sustainable development planning applications. did.

Three local companies whose projects demonstrated clean technology and circular economy solutions, including the electrification of homes and businesses and the use of recycled waste in construction, shared a $50,000 clean technology and circular economy grant from the city.

Warne Pond uses recycled red brick, wood mulch, bitumen, compost from recycling facilities, salvaged railway ties and rubber from old tires to create a low-maintenance roundabout landscape.

Mayor Trent Sullivan

Sustainability is a key theme of our Community Plan 2021-2025 and the focus of a smart and creative vision for our community for 30 years.

The City Council and the City’s continued efforts to improve environmental sustainability are in response to feedback and needs from the community, and we are excited to continue to make significant progress in this area.

By supporting the needs of the natural environment, taking climate action and reducing emissions and waste, we are creating healthier, more resilient and more attractive regions for our communities.

Deputy Mayor Anthony Aitken

This year, the city built on its achievements in environmental sustainability and aligned programs and initiatives with social and economic growth.

We are passionate about supporting businesses and community groups with grants, expanding the circular economy, finding innovative solutions and reducing our environmental impact.

Community members are provided with an annual report to gain insight into the variety of work that staff do on a daily basis to serve the community and how they perform against their annual budget. We recommend that you take a look.

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