Allegheny County, McKeesport gets $1.3 million for environmental justice projects



More than $1.3 million is coming to Allegheny County to support environmental justice projects.

The funding comes from two grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with the larger totaling $1 million going to the city of McKeesport. Projects there will address negative environmental and health issues related to air pollution and stormwater management, as well as alleviate high temperatures occurring in urban areas lacking green space.

One of McKeesport’s initiatives includes something called a “bioswale” park. A bioswale is a green space designed to manage stormwater and pollution. A portion of the funds will also be donated to McKeesport’s small cleanup program, which removes hazardous debris and trash from abandoned properties. And it will fund a feasibility study to determine whether it is safe to build new neighborhoods on abandoned brownfield sites.

The other grant, amounting to about $330,000, is going toward projects that will make communities across Allegheny County more climate-resilient, including flood mitigation, especially within communities of color.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection received $1 million to increase community outreach and education.

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