Allegheny County executive candidates share views on abortion and environment



PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With Election Day just four days away, polls show the race for Allegheny County Commissioner is extremely close.

In a series of interviews with candidates, This week, KDKA-TV Political Editor John Delano tonight focuses on two issues that could make a difference in the election: the environment and abortion rights.

Pro-abortion advocate Sara Innamorato says abortion rights are an important issue, but they weren’t talked about when pro-abortion rights Democrat Dan Onorato was county executive. There wasn’t.

Innamorato: “When we talk about running a health department, we want to make sure that health means access to a full range of health care options.”

Delano: “Do you think the other person will deny that?”

Innamorato: “I don’t think my opponent has been upfront about where he personally stands on this issue and how that impacts his ability to govern.”

Joe Lockey argued that the issue was a distraction and that Pennsylvania law does not mean denying health care or assistance to women.

“My personal opinion doesn’t matter. My job is to enforce the laws that the state or federal government has set for us. I care about women. Women of Allegheny County We are definitely going to bring support to ,” Rocky said.

On another issue, Innamorato opposes hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. She’s not sure she can ban existing well sites, but she says the increased health risks require stronger regulations.

“When we talk about the job of county government, first and foremost, it’s about protecting public health and public safety, so we look at the regulatory framework and say, ‘Where can we modernize this?’” she said. .

Like Rich Fitzgerald, Rocky supports environmental hydraulic fracturing, noting that natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels and is abundant in the region.

“Why don’t we take advantage of the natural gas that we have under our feet and create wealth for the people of Allegheny County and create jobs for the people of Allegheny County?” Rocky said.

When it comes to clean air, especially in the Mon Valley, both candidates say clean air regulations need to be enforced, and Inamorato says more can be done.

“Well, we definitely need to increase compliance,” she said.

“Instead of talking about closing a facility, how do we modernize it? How do we create a win-win for the community, the region, the economy and even a company like U.S. Steel?” she added. Ta.

Lockey agrees, but says Allegheny County has failed to cooperate with U.S. Steel, and that won’t happen on Lockey’s watch.

“U.S. Steel had an opportunity to put $1.3 billion into its plant to make it cleaner, to make it a better environment, to actually hire more workers. For some reason in Allegheny County, Unable to get approval for that process, they went to Arkansas to implement a new operation.”

In a final push to win votes, both candidates plan to hold rallies with Gov. Josh Shapiro (Democrats) and some local labor unions (Republicans).

The issues separating these two county executive candidates are clear, but ultimately it’s their so-called get-out-the-vote efforts that will make the difference on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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