Alabama recycling plant to pay $75,000 for reported environmental violations



A major aluminum recycling and production facility in Alabama has agreed to pay $75,000 in a settlement for failing to perform required inspections and record-keeping at its facility in Muscle Shoals.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management announced Friday a settlement with Constellium Muscle Shoals over violations reported during an April 20-21 facility inspection.

ADEM inspectors said the company had no record of mandatory inspections of its “afterburner” air pollution control device and that the melting furnace’s mandatory label was hidden behind a cabinet. ADEM also said the company did not provide the requested records for several months after they were requested.

Constellium disagreed with the alleged violations, but agreed to a negotiated settlement to resolve the matter. The company said the device, described as an afterburner, was not an air pollution control device and therefore did not require inspection, and that the required label was “located between two cabinets, but not concealed.” “Therefore, they were moved to the following location. in a more prominent place.

Under the agreement, Constellium will pay a civil penalty of $75,000 to the state and remain in compliance with its operating license.

Constellium Muscle Shoals supplies aluminum sheet to the automotive and packaging industries and is the world’s largest aluminum recycler, recycling the equivalent of 20 billion aluminum cans annually, according to the company’s website. There is one.

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