Aides accuse Cambridge mayor of creating toxic work environment



Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff
Mayor of Cambridge Sumbul Siddiqui Jonathan Wiggs / Boston Globe, File

Eight women who worked for Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui claim the city’s leadership created a toxic work environment. boston globe I will report it.

Four of the eight employees who have worked for the mayor since 2017 said Siddiqui had hurt his self-esteem and retaliated against him for trying to quit his job or take on a new job, the newspaper said. Says.

Siddiqui, who made history in 2020 by becoming the first Muslim to be elected mayor of the state, is running for re-election in November. Under Cambridge’s council manager system, the mayor is elected by his fellow councilors and the manager handles the city’s day-to-day operations without wielding much power. City Council members are elected using ranked choice voting.

Siddiqui said: glove The suspicion is [either] It’s simply not true or the depiction is wrong,” he said, suggesting the timing of the accusations could be politically motivated as elections approach.

“I admit that I have high standards for my staff, but I am always open to learning how to be a better manager,” she told the newspaper. “I hold high the ideals of respect and fairness.”

Theo Schidas is one of the former aides who spoke with the president. glove. She led Mr. Siddiqui’s first city council campaign in 2017, and she also ran unsuccessfully for city gloveshe claimed that the mayor badmouthed her to community members over the years, calling Schida dishonest and untrustworthy.

Skidas said such comments were a contributing factor to his failure in the 2021 City Council election.

“We have the potential to break down barriers, but we can also cause a lot of harm in the process,” Skidas says.

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