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On October 16, the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment, Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) and Drew Foam Companies, Inc. (“Drew”) entered into a Consent Administrative Order (“CAO”) addressing alleged air permit violations. did. . See LIS No. 23-076.

Drew is stated to own and operate an expanded polystyrene manufacturing facility (the “Facility”) located in Monticello, Arkansas.

This facility operates pursuant to an aviation permit.

DEQ said it conducted a compliance inspection at the facility on April 20. The inspection covers the reporting period from March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023.

The inspection stated that it was determined that Drew had not performed required annual maintenance on SN-15 and SN-16. This is said to be a violation of specific condition 15 of the air permit.

In response to DEQ questions about the alleged compliance issues, Drew said on June 14 that record-keeping for each source has been moved to digital software. This eliminates the need for paper documentation and allows you to schedule necessary tasks, track monthly operating hours and gas usage, calculate emissions by source, and document all maintenance activities. It is said that it will. Additionally, Drew said necessary preventive maintenance tasks have been developed and assigned to facility managers, and records are available upon request for review.

A signed document was submitted to DEQ on July 15 confirming that all maintenance testing for SN-15 and SN-16 was completed in accordance with permits.

The CAO provides that Drew neither admits nor denies the factual and legal allegations contained in the CAO.

A civil penalty of $1,920 will be assessed.

You can download a copy of the CAO here.

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