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Initiatives against water pollution

NFU Chief Environment Adviser Dr Diane Mitchell also recently spoke at the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in tackling water pollution in the UK.

Dr Mitchell delved into the ambitious targets outlined in the Environment Act, which aim to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment from agriculture by 40% by 2038. While he acknowledged the challenges, he emphasized the need for a clearer roadmap to achieve achievable goals. An affordable approach backed by the right policies.

She discussed the financial challenges faced by farmers, particularly non-grant funded projects, and highlighted the role of environmental land management schemes (ELMs) that reward farmers for the provision of public goods.

Dr Mitchell acknowledged the need for accountability and stressed the importance of monitoring the impact of water quality initiatives. She called for a balanced approach to ensure that pollution from a variety of sources, including industry and urban areas, is recorded and dealt with proportionately.

In her closing remarks, she called for further support for farmer-led organizations working on citizen science and highlighted the collective responsibility to bring about positive change in England’s water environment.

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