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Abu Dhabi: The Youth Environmental Education Conference (YEEC) will take center stage at the prestigious 12th World Environmental Education Conference (WEEC) to be held in Abu Dhabi From January 29th to February 2nd, 2024. YEEC serves as a valuable platform designed to enable young people to connect with international peers, learn from each other, and gain valuable insights that will shape their roles as future environmental leaders.

Speakers at this event include leaders in the fields of environmental education, sustainability, and youth empowerment. His Excellency Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, United Nations High-Level Champion of Climate Change at COP28 and President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). His Excellency Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Environment Agency. Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, Executive Director of Emirates Nature and WWF; Jack Dangermond, President and Co-Founder, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI); Lorenzo Fioramonti, former Minister of Education, Universities and Research of the Republic of Italy. Music composer and environmentalist Ricky Kay shares his valuable insights and expertise. These influential voices guide discussion, inspire, and impart knowledge about environmental education.

Expressing the importance of YEEC, His Excellency Ahmed Baharon, Executive Director, Environmental Information, Science and Outreach Management, Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, said: “YEEC is about shaping a more sustainable future and driving positive change. “It provides a starting point for discussion among young people.” Environmental advocacy. As young generations prepare to experience the far-reaching effects of the climate crisis, this transformative platform will give them a voice and enable them to advance environmental education at both local and international levels. ”

WEEC 2024, with YEEC as a key element within a 5-day program including a 4-day main program and 1-day excursion, is leading a revolution in environmental education, and young people are at the very heart of this transformation. Masu. Determined to act as a catalyst for change, this event aims to promote meaningful action in protecting the future of our planet and recognizing the role of education in shaping sustainable practices.

With the theme ‘Connecting People, Creating Tomorrow’, WEEC 2024 will highlight Abu Dhabi’s efforts to drive change through education and highlight the continued importance of environmental development on the UAE’s national agenda.

Providing a truly inclusive platform that unites researchers, educators, students, decision-makers, NGOs and media professionals, this five-day event brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and collaborate. This is an opportunity to promote environmental education and rights advocacy. In addition to the enriching conference sessions, attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi’s natural beauty, visit some of the most breathtaking natural attractions, and immerse themselves in local heritage during the region’s most pleasant season. You can get it.

Held every two years as one of the most important global events that brings together environmental education experts from around the world, WEEC 2024 represents a transformational movement in environmental education towards a greener future. The conference brings together experts to consider best practices, share experiences, and discuss research on methods and outcomes in environmental education. will play a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of Sustainability for future generations.

The educational significance of this event is further emphasized by its alignment with the UAE’s Green Education Partnership Roadmap, a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening sustainability education in the region and beyond. WEEC 2024 is a unique combination of global perspective, youth empowerment, and educational innovation that promises to revolutionize the field of environmental education and activism.

Registration is now open for the 12th World Environmental Education Conference, to be held in Abu Dhabi from 29 January to 2 February 2024. All participants and attendees of WEEC2024 must register online: WEEC 12 | Registration (weec2024.org)

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