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Earth Day is just around the corner, and activities that get attention this time of year include trash cleanups and tree planting. There are ways to help the environment every day of the year, but you may want to consider doing more than just recycling and composting cardboard in your community.

Montana is home to 339 environmental organizations, according to the nonprofit metrics website Cause IQ. Some of these organizations are water-focused, others conservation-focused, and many have other areas of expertise. You may also have a cause near and dear to you that is supported by one of these organizations.

If you’re interested in supporting environmental causes in Montana this Earth Day, check out Cause IQ’s top 7 most popular environmental organizations.

7) Montana Conservation Corps

MCC is an organization focused on connecting young people to conservation work. In the video above, several people talk about the changes they see in people who participate in the organization’s work.

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6) Property Environment Research Center (PERC)

The organization works to improve the environment by “improving environmental quality through markets and property rights” according to Cause IQ. Part of their philosophy is that “incentives are key” to motivating people to engage in conservation efforts.

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5) American Prairie (APR)

“Be a part of something big.” This is perfect because the goal of American Prairie, aka American Prairie Foundation, aka American Prairie Conservancy, is “to create one of the largest natural preserves in the United States.” It’s a slogan.

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4) Greater Yellowstone Coalition

The organization is particularly focused on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which covers the northern Rocky Mountains centered on Yellowstone National Park, which the National Park Service says is “one of the largest and nearly untouched ecosystems in the world. It is one of the temperate ecosystems.

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3) National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation works with forests and grasslands across the country, focusing not only on conservation but also on “responsible recreation.” You may be familiar with the National Forest Foundation’s corporate partners, including Subaru, Airstream, REI Corp. and Ford.

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2) Land dependence in Montana

A key feature of Montana Land Reliance is working with landowners to protect “agricultural land, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space.”

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1) Yellowstone Forever

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the country, so it’s no surprise that Montana’s most popular environmental organization is the park’s official partner, Yellowstone Forever.

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