5 times Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out publicly for environmental protection



arnold schwarzenegger He is just as passionate about saving the planet as he is about any other endeavor. Days after successfully completing the Arnold Sports Festival in the UK, the former California governor is back to defend his state from big oil. Despite being born in Austria, the Hollywood icon calls California his home and is ready to fight for people and the environment.

The multibillion-dollar oil industry is trying to overturn Senate Bill 1137. California’s 40th Governor, Gavin Newsom, has approved the Senate bill, which he expects to become law in 2022. What is the bill’s purpose? Starting in 2025, oil companies would be prohibited from drilling within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, hospitals, and parks. It’s no secret that oil drilling causes significant pollution, and companies are waging war to repeal this law. But Arnold Schwarzenegger has also joined Newsom in speaking out for environmental protection.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fight against oil drilling


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California’s 38th governor joined the current governor and Jane Fonda in speaking out against oil companies. The former governor is a climate change warrior who has taken his own initiative against environmentally destructive activities such as oil drilling. So Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jane Fonda gathered with other activists on the Ladera Heights soccer field.

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The soccer field is located near the Inglewood Oil Field, the largest urban oil drilling site in the United States. “They’re spending millions of dollars to tell Californians it’s safe to drill next to their homes.” said Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the governor believes California can withstand pressure from the oil industry on the November 2024 ballot.

In their attack on Senate Bill 1137, oil companies spent $20 million and gained enough signatures to put the bill on the ballot. Voters will decide the fate of the law in their upcoming votes. Schwarzenegger is hopeful that educating Californians about the dangers of drilling near their homes will lead to positive results. But Ernie’s stance on oil drilling is just the latest in a long list of contributions to the environment.

When Ernie recommended it to everyone, “Ending pollution”

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants oil company’s plans to come true “Ended.” Similarly, in 2022, he gave a speech calling on leaders to share resources to: “end” pollution. The Hollywood action star expressed optimism at the 2022 Austrian Climate Change World Summit in Vienna, organized by the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

During the annual summit, Schwarzenegger said everyone attending the summit should learn from the past, but not dwell on it. “Instead of doom and gloom, we will show the world that change is possible.” Austrian Oak said. Arnold Schwarzenegger called on local and world leaders to come and fight climate change. “Cooperative effort.”

“Together we can eliminate pollution and stop climate change.” Arnold Schwarzenegger announced this in his opening speech at the 6th World Summit in Austria. In 2023, the bodybuilding icon raised another issue at this climate summit.

Austrian Oak complained of significant delays

In May 2023, Arnold Schwarzenegger sounded the alarm about significant delays paralyzing the global green energy movement. The 76-year-old stressed that advances in his technology have made solar and wind energy cheaper than coal. He also said that the efficiency of electric vehicles has improved significantly. But these and various other projects have stalled. “Red tape.”

Schwarzenegger said solar energy projects in Europe have to wait four years, while wind energy projects often have to wait 10 years. “Thousands of clean energy projects are waiting to be built. Delayed by bureaucracy… by permitting… by old power lines.” said Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arney also highlighted that 2,000 gigawatts worth of clean energy projects are pending in the United States.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, therefore appealed to leaders and the nation to eliminate such inefficient processes. He said that unless countries accelerate the adoption of green energy, humanity may not be able to stop global warming. But it’s not because they didn’t find a way, but because they didn’t implement it in time. Thanks to his efforts to positively impact climate action, The Terminator has faced criticism from climate change deniers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about climate change deniers

The former Mr. Universe has been fighting for Earth for over 20 years. He has faced criticism over the years from those who believe climate change is a myth and that humans are not responsible for rising temperatures. However, in 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a harsh response to his doubters: “If we agree on climate change, we won’t put a **** on it.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged in a Facebook post that many people dispute the science of climate change online. But the bodybuilding legend posed some uncomfortable questions to those who practice bodybuilding. The former governor asked if it was okay for such people to know that thousands of people die each year from pollution-related causes.

He also asked if it was okay for children to grow up on ventilators. Finally, Schwarzenegger described a scenario that pits green energy against fossil fuels. Arnie said if doubters were given the choice of staying in a sealed room in a fossil-fuel car, which emit harmful gases, or an electric car, which has no emissions, which would they choose?


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Ernie hopes his doubters will stay in the room with him. “A smarter, cleaner, healthier and more profitable energy future.” Finally, as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger did more than just speak out for the environment.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger did it himself

In 2006, Arnold Schwarzenegger made history by enacting the Global Warming Act into California law. After speaking out about the need to reduce emissions, the governor took direct action to help the environment. This law was the first of its kind in the United States. This earned him the nickname “Green Governor.”


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This law took comprehensive steps to combat greenhouse gas emissions from all sources in the Golden State. Now, almost two decades later, the Green governor is once again speaking out to benefit the state he calls home. Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer governor, but he’s doing his best.

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