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A compilation of this week’s most newsworthy environmental industry press releases from PR Newswire. COP28United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

new york, December 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With thousands of press releases published every week, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything on PR Newswire. To help journalists covering the environmental industry stay on top of the week’s most newsworthy and popular releases, we’ve rounded up the week’s can’t-miss stories.

The list below includes the headings (with links to the full text) and excerpts from each article. Click on the press release heading to access the accompanying downloadable multimedia assets.

  1. Mars ‘repurposes’ fan-favorite ads from M&Ms®, TWIX®, SNICKERS® and Ben’s Original™ to deliver a message of hope on climate action
    Following the recent publication of the Mars Net Zero Roadmap, the Mars campaign is “repurposing” old iconic ads and raising consumer awareness by showcasing creative ways to reduce the environmental footprint of advertising. It is intended to increase.
  2. NASA leaders join global climate change conference
    The global conference will bring together countries committed to tackling climate change, a key priority for the Biden-Harris Administration and NASA. For the first time, he will be attended by NASA administrators, joining his expected 70,000 participants, world leaders and representatives from about 200 countries.
  3. IBM advances geospatial AI to address climate change challenges
    IBM announced a new initiative to apply geospatial AI technology, including IBM’s geospatial infrastructure model developed in collaboration with NASA, to climate change countermeasures such as heat island analysis of urban areas around the world. United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates); tree-planting throughout kenya; and resilience to climate change England (England).
  4. Renowned environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill calls on leaders to end deforestation and support community-based REDD+ projects
    “It is clear that people around the world are pleading and calling for people to protect forests, for people to care for them, and for people to take action. Our leaders, all of us, need to do more than just talk about solutions. We absolutely need to: take action and put these solutions into practice,” said Julia Butterfly Hill.
  5. Deloitte report: Improving financing could save you money 50 trillion dollars As the world decarbonizes
    This report aims to help governments, financial institutions and investors support green projects by mobilizing private investment and developing low-cost mixed finance solutions that help achieve economic growth and climate neutrality, especially in emerging economies. It emphasizes the need to jointly develop mechanisms to reduce the risks caused by .
  6. ReSeed and FoodChain ID announce groundbreaking partnership to promote transparency of sustainable practices in global agricultural and food supply chains
    With the goal of supporting a healthy planet, this partnership will leverage each company’s unique world-class expertise to encourage progress in carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture practices based on new carbon credit verification standards. , measure and verify.
  7. VinFast has the honor of representing Vietnam in lecturing and exhibiting VF 9 EV COP28
    This is an important platform and an opportunity for VinFast to discuss green mobility solutions and sustainable development strategies to support a more sustainable future for the next generation.
  8. Bloomberg integrates UN framework to assess companies’ potential impact on Sustainable Development Goals
    New data mapping and materiality assessments will provide greater clarity for investors looking to direct capital towards sustainable assets and assess the alignment of private sector activities with the SDGs.
  9. Here and now: education cannot wait for problems 150 million USD Appealing for expanded efforts to address the climate crisis
    Announced prior to the Conference of the Parties (COP28) in dubai, a new appeal highlights the urgent need to link educational activities with climate action. ECW’s new data shows that 62 million children and adolescents affected by climate change are in dire need of educational support since 2020.
  10. SMX announces plans to launch the world’s first plastic cycle token
    In a global context, only more than 9% of the estimated value of plastics is recycled (OECD, 2022) 40 billion dollars (Statista, 2021), this initiative is designed to present a reliable and ethical digital credit platform, unlocking billions of dollars in recyclable plastic credits in a newly created market. We aim to utilize it.

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